Commercial agent:

Commercial agent: everything you need to know to be a high performance professional!

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The commercial agent is the professional responsible for making sales transactions between the customer and the company. More than an order taker, he needs to be a consultant able to help the consumer find what they want. 

In addition to marketing the products or services, these professionals also need to represent the place where they work, taking care of the company’s image, because when approaching sales, they need to carry the entire culture of the company with them.

It is important to emphasize that the commercial agent differs from the commercial representative. The first usually has an established employment relationship and periodicity in sales processes, while the second works for several companies simultaneously.

Another point of distinction between the two is that, according to Brazilian law, the commercial representation only does commercial business, while the agent carries out commercial and civil agreements. The main difference between the two is that mercantile businesses are larger in size and need a contract. 

What does a commercial agent do?

As already mentioned, the commercial agent is the contracted salesperson of a company, he can work with external sales ( outside sales ) or internal sales ( inside sales ). In both, his role is extremely important for the maintenance of business processes and for the success of the entire company.

In short, this employee needs to be qualified to achieve the goals and objectives that he sets and that is imposed on him. And for that, it is necessary to apply advanced sales methods.

One of the most important techniques is consultative selling. It consists of the ability and attitude to be more than someone available to take orders. It’s about being functional and helping the customer at all stages of the purchase. The idea is to solve his problems in the best way possible.

Other activities that a commercial agent needs to perform are:

  • Maintaining a relationship with customers during and after the sale;
  • Create plans to improve business performance, always using the data you collect from your day-to-day experiences;
  • Prospecting new customers so that the portfolio is always active.

What is the career and training of a salesperson like?

In Brazil, there is still no higher education to work in the area, but there are courses that train people who want to develop in this sector. 

Unfortunately, the profession is seen as a way out when there are no other alternatives and that “only those who have talent work with commerce”. Who is communicative and persuasive by nature.

Having this mentality is having a fixed mindset when the person does not believe in personal development, but rather that it is necessary to have a natural aptitude to succeed in a certain career.

However, this thinking is incorrect. Sales is a science and not a “knack”. So, to build a solid career in the area, it is essential to study and update at all times.

If the commercial agent has these attitudes, career growth is very promising. According to a survey conducted by Linkedin, sales and business development are professions that are on the rise in 2021, and the prospects for the future are on the rise.

The commercial agent’s salary

There is no universal basis for how much a commercial agent earns, but there are variations according to the sector in which he works and by region. But, taking as a reference the average salary indicated by the website, this professional starts earning R$2,009.00 and may earn up to R$3,509.00. 

How to be a commercial agent

After understanding a little more about who this specialist is, what he does and how his career works, it becomes easier to work to be a commercial agent.

First: get to know yourself deeply!

Did you know that there are different behavioral profiles and each one has its abilities and difficulties?

Following the DISC methodology, a test created to map people’s personalities, there are four types of profiles:

  1. Dominance: they are called pragmatists. They are more rational, quick to make decisions and determined. These are typical leaders.
  2. Influence: Expressive by nature, they are easy to express what they think and are more rational, acting on impulse.
  3. Stability: like the pragmatists, people with this profile are rational, but they are more detailed and like to analyze each possible circumstance or data to make a decision.
  4. Compliance: Lastly, in this category are affable. Those loving people, extremely sentimental and like to listen to each other.

Understanding which of these profiles you fit into is the first step to be a successful commercial agent because by getting to know yourself, you can know what your qualities, strengths are, and what are the possibilities for improvement for any difficulty.

A clear example of this is that an affable person is great at creating rapport, so she is an excellent option to work with after-sales or with customer success, for example. While a pragmatic person has many aptitudes to be a leader, a business manager.

Second: be on the market

Up-to-date on the market in which you work is necessary to visualize the opportunities that exist and act in accordance with the consumer’s behavior and needs at that moment.

So keep up with the news coming out in the media, but also consume the content your customers consume. For example, if the products sold are beauty items, such as makeup and cosmetics, be sure to follow the work of digital influencers who talk about the subject and the profiles of networks that give tips and information about self-care, as it is a type of reference that this audience follows.

Third: know the sales CHA

In the commercial sector, there is the CHA of sales, which is the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes that a professional in the area needs to have.

Knowledge is information about the company, such as who founded it, how it was formed, the history of the name, the scope it has, who the target audience is, the company’s vision and values.

Since the skills are linked to what you can do according to your luggage and experience (remember that you can always improve and learn new skills). And so we get into attitudes, which are how much you are willing to make a decision to evolve and what you do in everyday situations. 

Commercial agent course

Finally, the most important tip is: seek constant evolution and for that, study with great insistence and perseverance. 

Take training, specialization courses and look for the latest trends in sales techniques and customer service.

Being a commercial agent requires a lot of skill, to relate to others and understand them, to adapt to them, and establish a true connection and a trusting relationship. Now, if people change, business processes change too, and you need to keep up!

For these reasons, investing in yourself with training and courses is the best option to be a good commercial manager at any time.

A great way for this professional is to study Consultative Selling! As already mentioned, this is a commercial technique that consists of helping the potential customer to find the best solution for themselves, being a true expert on the products or services marketed.

With it, it is possible to increase the number of contacts and close more sales, as it helps the sales agent to sell more and better, impacting the customer’s approach to the diagnosis of the problem.