Enchant to Sell: The Most Incredible Super Bowl Advertisements

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The Super Bowl is the most anticipated sporting event of the year, with the highest TV viewership in the US – a great showcase for brands to show their commercials. Today, you’ll check out the list of the best Super Bowl commercials!

What is the Super Bowl?

Before you know which the best Super Bowl commercials are, it’s essential to know the importance of this event and what makes this program’s breaks the most expensive for advertisers.

The next Super Bowl is set for February 7, 2021. This is the annual tournament between the conference champions of the NFL (National Football League), American football league.

To give you an idea, the Americans’ love for the Super Bowl can be compared to the Brazilians’ passion for the World Cup. The final is considered almost a national holiday in the country.

The last Super Bowl took place this year on February 2 in Miami, it was edition number 54. The final was between Kansas City and San Francisco.

In addition to the games, the halftime show is also a draw for the audience. Great music stars such as Madonna, Kate Perry, Bruno Mars, Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, and more have been on the Super Bowl stage.

Super Bowl commercials are played

As you might notice, this event is highly anticipated by the American public. In 2015, the Super Bowl was the most-watched program on American TV, with 112.2 million viewers. Therefore, it is a very important showcase for advertisers.

In 2019, advertisers shelled out about $5 million for a 30-second commercial. The value can be scary, but companies do not see this number as a challenge, but as an opportunity.

That’s why they fight for space during breaks is even known as “The Battle of the Brands”, in which companies from different segments invest heavily to make the best Super Bowl commercials.

Over the years, several advertising pieces have become outstanding. With social networks, the repercussion is even greater. Although the overproduction of commercials is far from our reality, the concepts explored in creating them are not.

Connecting with the customer and generating value beyond the product is essential. More and more companies are using the concept of enchantment to close and maintain their sales. And if there’s one thing Super Bowl commercials know how to do, with a lot of creativity, it’s enchanting. That’s why today you’ll discover the best Super Bowl commercials.

The best Super Bowl commercials

Below, we’ve separated 7 amazing advertisements and what’s special about them we can replicate:

1 – Motivation (Pokémon)

In 2016, the Pokémon media franchise turned 20 years old. Among games, designs, and various licensed products, the brand was part of the childhood and formation of many fans around the world and, on that occasion, decided to celebrate by motivating the younger generations.

2 – Mood (Doritos)

Humor is present in most commercials, as it is a great tool to draw attention, exploring impossible, exaggerated, and everyday situations. Funny commercials are more likely to be replicated and gain public sympathy.

So did Doritos in 2017:

3 – Pop References (Volkswagen)

Bringing pop culture references to your marketing strategies, such as posts on social media, for example, or even customized, themed products can be very profitable. This is because there is a transfer of desire from fans of the aforementioned work – to get closer to that ideal – for their brand.

At the 2011 Super Bowl XLV, Volkswagen used Star Wars imagery to present its new car. So, join the list of the best Super Bowl commercials.

Note that the commercial does not use words to convey its message, only visual and sound elements.

4 – Values ​​(Always)

In the context where a company’s values ​​are decisive when buying, reinforcing them in your campaigns is a good idea.

Always, a women’s hygiene products company made a commercial with a message of female empowerment in 2015. In addition to talking to the target audience, the campaign was accompanied by a hashtag, suggesting interaction with the brand.

5 – Feeling Association (Budweiser)

Another very well-established tactic, especially among drinks, is the association of feelings with the product. It is about replicating an atmosphere of satisfaction, happiness, welcoming, familiarity, etc., in the commercial, inducing the consumer to remember the product when experiencing the chosen feeling.

Almost all Coca-Cola stores make use of this, exploring the magic of Christmas, family lunches, and meeting with friends.

In 2014, Budweiser made a commercial that showed the friendship between a dog and a horse, nothing related to beer, right? But the play had a pleasant atmosphere, in a simple way, and went viral. So, it’s clear that you don’t always need to use your product image to sell your brand.

This is one of the best Super Bowl commercials that can be replicated in your sales and marketing strategy.

6 – Competition (Pepsi x Coke)

We couldn’t leave out the rivalry between Pepsi and Coca-Cola, which always makes great commercials. Using comparisons with the competition can be a way to get attention. This is because people tend to take sides in the fight, end up engaging and replicating your brand.

Both brands are usually quite explicit when it comes to needling. However, in this 1996 advertisement, the message was subtle – and equally striking.

7 – Authority (Honda)

The authority trigger is the use of famous people, or subject matter experts, for example, to give credibility to the product and sell more.

In 2017, Honda managed to innovate within this widely used logic, and still generate humor:

Now, the expectation is for the year’s advertisements, with emphasis on carmakers, which should explore their electric models in the campaigns. That list of the best Super Bowl commercials is only going to grow.