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How to achieve high sales performance? 5 unmissable tips and strategies

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High performance in sales is the dream of all companies. After all, it is a practice that aims at achieving goals and obtaining positive results on a recurring basis — which guarantees security for the fulfillment of the corporate strategic planning.

However, surveys show that only 39% of executives believe they have sales managers trained in strategies and techniques for training high-performance teams. This makes realizing this dream a little more challenging for 61% of business leaders.

To help minimize the path to building a high-performance sales team, we’ve prepared this article. We will talk about the topic and give 5 tips and strategies for developing salespeople.

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What is high sales performance?

A high-performance sales team is one that consistently and regularly delivers positive results. The profile of this team is resolute: challenges, goals, and deliveries are part of the routine of professionals who, in general, are obstinate and result-oriented.

Having a high-performance sales team is every company’s dream. That’s because these professionals are able to effectively absorb and apply the organizational processes of the business, transposing business guidelines and protocols to provide an excellent customer experience.

What are the fundamental skills of a high-performance salesperson? 

With the above definition, you’ve certainly realized that the high-performance salesperson needs to be differentiated, haven’t you? But don’t think that being a high-performance professional is impossible.

In fact, there are skills and characteristics that drive results. Therefore, developing them can help to obtain positive results and increasingly satisfactory performances.

We have separated, in the list below, some key characteristics for the high-performance seller. Check out!

  • emotional intelligence;
  • focus;
  • good interpersonal relationship;
  • active listening;
  • flexibility;
  • adaptability;
  • resolvability;
  • engagement and motivation;
  • Teamwork skill.

Watch the video below to understand more about high sales performance:

How to achieve high sales performance? 5 tips

What’s up? Are you convinced that being a high-performance salesperson or developing a team with such characteristics can generate unimaginable positive impacts for your company’s internal and external management?

So get ready, because, below, we will talk, in a practical way, about how to develop high performance in sales in companies.

1. Set personal and professional goals and work them together

The first guideline for high performers in sales is to set synergistic personal and professional goals.

It is proven by research and academic studies that the connection between the realization of personal dreams and professional goals is a powerful performance driver.

So, as a salesperson, make an effort to understand what your job performance should be like to make your dream come true. For example, if you want to buy a new car by the end of the year, how should you perform on commission sales for this to be possible?

There are even tools that help to establish such a relationship in an automated way. This is the case of this Funnel, a tool that combines the realization of personal dreams with professional goals.

2. Make excellent time management

Another strategic factor for high sales performance is time management. Having the ability to list priorities, segment the routine and fulfill changing tasks is, without a doubt, a skill of outstanding salespeople.

Fortunately, free and digital tools can be used as allies on this journey. Some examples of tools that help with time management are:

  • Rescue Time;
  • Trello;
  • Asana.

3. Prioritize your customer always! 

If you believe that high performance depends solely on the salesperson’s operational posture, it’s time to rethink! In fact, having strategic postures also contributes a lot to obtaining above-average performances.

Putting the customer at the center, for example, is a strategic posture of high performance in sales. By orienting their thinking towards meeting the customer’s needs, the salesperson shortens sales cycles, optimizes conversions, and performs better in loyalty.

4. Be organized and focused

The commercial routine is full of urgencies, unforeseen, short, medium, and long-term goals. Without organization and focus, the salesperson is easily distracted from their goals, working exclusively to “put out fires”.

Bet on routine organization tools, review urgent goals with the team and leadership, and daily, establish a work focus to guide actions.

5. Allow yourself to learn continuously 

A high-performance salesperson is always willing to learn and develop. It’s part of the cycle. The more efficient and developed, the more willing the professional has to go beyond and exceed limits.

Therefore, it is up to the company and the professional to seek training for salespeople, training, and courses for the development of strategic skills. In this way, the team feeds their motivation, their sense of challenge and shortens the path to high performance.

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