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How to be a good leader and inspire your team? GUIDE for differentiated professionals

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Understanding how to be a good leader is a challenge for many. However, the benefits of adopting employee approaches and inspiration practices are numerous.

Proof of this is these statistics, which show that 79% of employees leave their jobs due to a lack of recognition from leaders. 

Furthermore, trust in leaders is the highest-ranked link for employee engagement. 77% of employees believe that leadership influences their motivation at work. To give you an idea, this index surpasses traditional motivators such as organizational culture (73%) or career growth opportunities (66%).

If you’ve been impacted by statistics and want to know the best ways and tips on how to be a good leader, read on. We’ll give you 5 practical tips to understand how to be a good leader, namely:

  1.  1. Allow yourself to learn from the team
  2. 2. Share strategic placements
  3. 3. Encourage shared management
  4. 4. Be present
  5. 5. Keep up to date

Good reading!

What should a good leader NOT do? Avoid this path! 

Before we talk about how to be a good leader, let’s raise the red flag to draw your attention to practices that should NOT exist in your team management and organizational processes.

Keep alert, as the practice of any of the items below can strongly contribute to the creation of unmotivated teams and unwilling to contribute effectively to the company.

1. Treat the team unequally

If you are looking to become a motivational leader, never treat your team unequally. Even if there are, within the team, employees with better performances or even profiles with which you identify more, don’t let this show in your routine.

Recognizing the good work of the team is essential. However, this should never be done in a way that creates rivalries and grants privileges to some at the expense of others.

2. Adopt a hierarchical posture

In the past, it was common to associate the figure of the leader with an “untouchable” professional, with whom it was not possible to establish any exchange or conversation. In fact, for many employees, this is still the prevailing reality in companies.

This survey, by Você SA., interviewed leaders and subordinates to understand how both see the management work performed. The surprise found was that only 18% of leaders saw themselves as authoritarian. However, 31.6% of employees identify their leaders with this characteristic. 

However, with the change in the profile of employees (and companies), the figure of leadership was also redesigned. Therefore, nowadays, the autocratic leader, who establishes a distance between himself and his team, is seen as a bad and uninspiring boss.

3. Keep away from team challenges

The third topic of actions to avoid when trying to understand how to be a good leader concerns the closeness between managers and their team. These days, it’s impossible to think of a successful commercial manager who doesn’t know the challenges of his team.

The idea that leadership exists only to guide and make strategic decisions must be abandoned! This is because, increasingly, the concept of inspirational leadership is strongly linked to collaboration and co-creation.

4. Keep strategic guidelines for yourself

One of the advantages of leadership is free to access to privileged information and the company’s strategic planning. However, unfortunately, it is common to find managers who receive and absorb this information, preventing it from reaching their team of followers.

Thus, the direction of routine actions does not have an orientation aligned with the company’s purpose, which prevents the business from obtaining results in all its potential.

How to be a good leader? 5 practical tips

Now you know everything you need to avoid in order to practically understand how to be a good leader. But let’s not stop there! Read on to discover, in 5 steps, what postures to adopt to discover how to be a good team leader.

1. Allow yourself to learn from the team

The first of our tips on how to be a good leader is: keep the humility of an apprentice. After all, the leader is a professional who brings together expertise. But that doesn’t mean he has all the knowledge available about his industry.

In fact, the opposite is more common: employees, in their dynamic routines, acquire knowledge all the time, accessing new tools and methods to perform their functions.

A good leader is aware of these discoveries and puts himself in the role of an apprentice to exchange experiences and develop skills with the help of the team.

2. Share strategic placements

The best way to achieve satisfactory results in sales, conversions, and acquisitions is to ensure that the entire team works towards a common goal. Sharing the business ‘ business strategy is one of the differentials of good leadership.

While hierarchical and authoritarian leaders hold the information, limiting the team to knowing only the essential details, the motivational leader shares data, reinforces the team’s relevance to the achievement of goals, and consequently, stimulates the team’s productivity.

3. Encourage shared management

A leader who encourages shared management is a promoter of a culture of innovation in companies. This practice combines the autonomy of the sectors with the sharing of key information about the company’s management by the manager.

A shared management culture allows:

4. Be present

  • more agile solutions to routine problems (since the entire team is committed to fulfilling the business purpose in an aligned manner);
  • space for the development of innovations and adoption of new work tools (since the team feels comfortable in the routine);
  • valuable exchanges on ways to optimize routine and achieve strategic business objectives.

According to HBR, 78% of business leaders are focused on improving their engagement with employees. And what does this mean in practice? That this group of managers realized that, in order to understand how to be a good leader, it is necessary to be present in the life of their team.

A present leader knows the team’s day-to-day activities, understands the processes and complexity of salesforce relationships, and can be proactively consulted by the team as needed.

5. Keep up to date 

Our last tip to understand how to be a good leader is: always study! We live in a volatile and agile world. In it, processes, trends, methodologies, and behaviors change all the time.

The solution to remain competitive as a leader and, above all, to keep up with market movements, while remaining inspiring, is to carry out training and training that help to reinforce and develop skills and competencies.

In this sense, the IEV – Institute for Specialization in Sales, emerges as an important ally. On the market since 2014, IEV collects success stories in training and developing leaders and commercial teams. Our client portfolio exceeds 5 thousand students and 450 companies served.