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How to convert social media followers into customers?

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Social networks are an excellent tool to increase the visibility of a business. Brands, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and influencers are increasingly seeking to reach the public’s attention and gain followers. But the big question for companies that are on the networks is: how to turn followers into customers?

Do many followers mean many sales?

It seems obvious, but followers are only customers when they check out by making a payment. Having a large number of people in your network does not necessarily translate into higher revenue, however, with the right strategy, it is possible to take advantage of this potential.

First, you need to understand that the follower who has just arrived on your page is at the beginning of the shopping journey, at the top of the funnel. Often, this person is not ready to buy your product yet, is researching options, or just wants information and entertainment.

The audience must be worked, entering more and more into the funnel, to become, in fact, clientele.

How to turn followers into customers

We have separated some strategies that can help when turning followers into customers:

1 – Content

Investing in valuable content is basic to both attracting followers and nurturing them, but it can be the key to turning followers into customers. After generating the initial interest, an idea is to create a digital bait, an advantage offered (eBook, pdf, discount) in exchange for the registration (email) of the follower.

With the email in hand, you can use the email marketing strategy, which consists of sending exclusive content and campaigns to the inbox of potential customers, in order to strengthen the relationship and convert the sale.

The sending of the marketing email must be accompanied by an option to unsubscribe, thus, the customer feels respected and you rule out the possibility of being considered spam.

When formulating the message, use persuasive texts, but not aggressive ones. Bet on mental triggers, for example, to induce purchase decision-making.

2 – Contact List

Digital baits and calls to action calls to action are also useful for creating a list of contacts, a more detailed list of who the potential customers are, and where to find them.

The contact list is an opportunity for your sales team to get started, make calls that lead to meetings, product presentations, and finally conversion.

The greater the number of contacts, the more approaches will be made and the greater the chances of hitting your sales target.

3 – Experience

In the context of endless shopping and information possibilities, the customer experience is the differentiator. At all stages, the user wants to feel special, in fact, the treatment received can be the determining factor in turning followers into customers.

Regarding behavior towards followers, be solicitous, respond to comments, and ask questions from your audience. A simple answer may be all your future customer needs to feel secure in buying.

Once you’ve converted, continue to nurture your customer relationship by delivering content, valuing their experience, and encouraging sharing.

One of the biggest sales converters is social proof, which consists of testimonials from customers who have already purchased. Positive comments can quell the objections of undecided followers and drive them to buy, too.

Social proofs are great content to post to your feed, engaging followers and restarting the shopping journey. These contents can also be shared in stories as well if Instagram is within your digital marketing strategy.

To turn followers into customers, drapery is essential

All of these strategies you read earlier cannot be used only sporadically. It is essential that you have effective planning for the turnaround to happen.

Create a series of posts in cadence and even use commemorative dates to make the conversion on the internet. This way, you will ensure that great opportunities do not slip away or end up being lost for lack of vision and organization.

In this planning, it is also valid to include offer content. Its consumers must understand that they are facing an unmissable opportunity and that they cannot let it pass. Therefore, the idea is that you use your networks to understand what your customers’ pains are.

Thus, it will be easier to raise the needs and develop actions focused on selling to these followers.

Create paid ads

If you have the budget to invest, it’s worth starting to work with paid traffic. Through Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, you can create well-targeted campaigns for your audience.

You are able to produce ads and deliver them according to demographic, behavioral characteristics and also based on past actions such as visits to your website.

You can create video, carousel, and image ads. It is important that the creative campaign draws users’ attention, has good resolution, text that leads to decision-making, a CTA (Call To Action), and a link, which can be to a sales page, to WhatsApp, to subscribe to an email list, to download a digital bait, and even to a newsletter.

Engagement is more important than the number of followers

Engagement, unlike the number of likes and followers, is not just a metric of vanity, which makes us proud, but it doesn’t represent much.

Engagement corresponds to the interaction that followers have with your brand. It occurs when the user connects with some content or message you are passing. In other words, it is an effective way to build relationships, which makes it easier to turn followers into customers.

Therefore, when planning, think about content that generates enough impact for the person to feel like commenting and sharing your content. And, of course, always try to respond spontaneously to interactions.

It is noteworthy that not all followers will have to go through all these steps to buy, some will simply arrive with the purchase decision made, but the tips are for you to manage those who are not yet fully interested. Especially when your product has a higher ticket and the road to sale is longer.