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How to motivate sales team? 5 tips + examples

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Did you know that, according to, 1 in 10 companies have salesperson turnover rates above 55% ? Given a statistic like this, knowing how to motivate your sales team can be critical.

Furthermore, by helping to reduce turnover rates, motivation is directly related to productivity. In fact, according to, motivated employees can be up to 50% more productive in their work. And that, within , can represent an impressive turnaround in results.

That’s why we’ve separated 5 practical tips to teach you how to motivate your sales team :

  1. Collectively create industry goals and objectives
  2. Provide salespeople with a healthy organizational climate
  3. Think of events and actions that break the routine
  4. Give feedback periodically
  5. train your team

In addition, at the end of the article, you can still see some examples of companies that inspire motivation and have sales teams that put on a real show.

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Companies that know how to give incentives to sales teams 

Nubank and its xpeers

The is a great example of a company that puts the customer experience in focus. For this reason, their service agents are called “ xpeers ”, in reference to the “experience” of the customer.

One of the ways to motivate the sales team used at Nubank is the event. Thus, during the forum, the service team has a day totally dedicated to their professional development and the exchange of experiences. At the same time, they participate in innovative activities – which include lectures, dynamics, and even magic shows.

Google: far beyond the office playground

If you search for “Google + Workplace”, you will surely find one of the iconic images of the office filled with games and leisure options, like these. But caring for the sales team goes far beyond this feature.

At the Google company, employees have access to exclusive benefits such as school assistance for their children, health plans, and productivity-related bonuses.

But not only that! In the new coronavirus pandemic, for example, the company incorporated creative solutions even in the remote routine. The “ Super Fun Meeting ” is a good example. This is a morning meeting that aims to “wake up” employees for the day to come. For this reason, it is allowed to join the digital group in pajamas, with a sleepy face and a cup of coffee in hand.

Reading tip: see, some more initiatives that make Google a reference company in sales team motivation.

How to motivate sales team? 5 tips

Next, you’ll discover, in practice, how to motivate your sales team with 5 tips.

1. Collectively create industry goals and objectives

Our first tip to understand how to provide the right incentive to drive a sales team is: bet on co-creation. 

The concept of co-creation is essentially linked to collaboration or contribution. In this way, the idea can be transposed to the corporate world when leaders, managers, and employees come together collectively.

From the input “Where the company wants to go” (which represents the organization’s macro objective), the entire team can contribute with different “paths to get there” (which represent the short and medium-term goals).

In fact, a good tip to develop goals with assertiveness is to invest in organizing projects and determine actions and responsibilities.

See the video below for some ideas of agile methodologies to exercise in your commercial routine:

2. Provide salespeople with a healthy organizational climate

Another effective way to keep the sales force motivated is to look carefully at the organizational climate.

Yes! Motivating the sales team also involves an external analysis of the work environment.

Therefore, it is up to adopt practices and develop projects that contribute to the creation of a healthy work environment, despite all the dynamism and pressure for results inherent to the function.

Some tips for creating a healthy organizational climate are:

  • promote a quiet work environment, without significant external interference;
  • provide a place to rest so that employees can take breaks from their routine;
  • in the case of, provide ergonomic equipment (such as chairs, tables, footrests and notebook) and keep communication channels open;
  • exercise participatory and respectful leadership;
  • offer tools and consultancy to help the team;
  • promote an in the company with incentive programs and recognition of good practices.

3. Think of events and actions that break the routine

Another way to motivate the sales team is to get out of the rut. We know how demanding a sales routine can be, full of goals, deadlines and strategic decision-making.

To help prevent the routine from “swallowing” your team’s motivation, how about innovating? Organize events, get-togethers and opportunities to take your salespeople (internal and external) out of their usual roles.

Some tips for doing this assertively are:

  • create a job rotation program, allowing salespeople to cycle through other roles in the sales force. In addition to exercising empathy and collaboration, it’s an alternative to keeping employees motivated!
  • How about a motivational event? count on the support of a  to organize activities, dynamics, and reflections that help the team understand its strategic role in the company. Do this in a large, wooded place, preferably away from the conventional working environment.

4. Give feedback periodically

According to Forbes, 4 out of 10 workers are actively unmotivated (ie, in addition to not wearing the company’s shirt, they also influence other employees to do the same) when they receive little or no feedback. In addition, 82% of employees appreciate feedback, whether it’s positive or negative.

So, include feedback rounds in your management to motivate your sales team!

This can happen in different ways. Whether it is one-on-one feedback (done between the leader and the subordinate), a 360 performance evaluation (where all employees assess the performance of another) or even a sector meeting, the practice must indeed be incorporated into the organizational practices of your company.

5. Train your team 

Finally, it is impossible to talk about team motivation without reinforcing the relevance of training. Fundamental to bringing agents closer to the product or service being sold, as well as to the business purposes, salesperson training is a fundamental tool to keep the sales team motivated.

In addition to the clear function of developing and expanding the knowledge base of employees, investing in training also reinforces, for the employee, the company’s commitment to their professional evolution.

It also connects the team with a sense of challenge. After all, when undergoing training, employees feel challenged to put into practice what they have learned to better manage their processes and results. And this is directly related to motivation.

With the help of trusted partners, it is possible to motivate the sales team with the best training available on the market.

We, at IEV, can help you to awaken, in your sales agents, motivation and desire to sell more and better. We work on two fronts: personal and team development.

In addition, we prepare leaders to lead their teams towards autonomy and, at the same time, we provide robust tools.