use the Instagram shop feature

How use the Instagram shop feature

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You should check if you may tag your products on Instagram if you have a business profile. Instagram maintains a list of countries in which this functionality is available. If you match Instagram’s commercial requirements, your followers will be able to view your products directly within the app. Here’s a quick rundown of the steps you’ll need to take.

  1. You may either utilize a Facebook Partner or use the Catalogue Manager on your own to create a catalogue.
  2. Sign up for a business account to do your purchasing. After you’ve completed that, you may have to wait a few days for your application to be reviewed.
  3. You can start tagging your products in articles and stories once your business and catalogue have been approved. Your users will be able to see the product name, price, and description if you tag specific goods. Users will be taken to a webpage where they can add the item to their cart and proceed to the checkout.

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If you’re a private profile looking to shop, it’s rather straightforward. You tap on the things in the post / narrative to be taken to another page where you may select the items, add them to your cart, and check out. In that sense, it’s quite clear!