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Online Sales Course: IEV Offers Specialization for Sellers

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Distance education has grown in Brazil and, more and more, sellers and companies are looking for online sales courses so that professionals can learn the best sales techniques and, thus, obtain more effective results.

Contrary to common sense, selling is not having a gift or talent. With any other profession in the world, it takes preparation, study, and training. The sellers who realize this can stand out and become top performers. Consequently, they earn bigger commissions and the best vacancies in the job market.

Popularization of the course of the online sale

Due to the rapid advance of the coronavirus in Brazil, with millions of cases and thousands of cases, public agencies recommended the suspension of public events, agglomerations, and that people do not leave their homes unnecessarily.

Private companies and public servants are starting to adopt the home office when the employee performs the work from his home. In addition to postponing meetings and other occasions that involve the face-to-face meeting.

Education secretariats in several states across Brazil announced the suspension of classes to curb the spread of Covid-19. Amidst this scenario of prevention and caution, other forms of teaching are being tested.

Technology and online courses

The coronavirus crisis is expected to be an opportunity to bring more technology into the classroom, just as it has been in China, where nearly 200 million students have switched to distance learning since February 9, and will not return to physical classrooms until early April.

According to the Federal Government’s Census of Higher Education, Brazil already has extensive experience in distance education at the higher level, about 7.1 million places, but it still needs to advance in other modalities.

Thus, it is clear that distance learning will become a much more common reality in the country.

Quarantine allowed people to gain more time during the day and needed to adapt to new ways of working. The market has become more competitive and harder to stand out.

Remote work took many sellers by surprise and they needed to learn to sell by phone, email, WhatsApp and other means that did not involve the physical presence of the parties to the negotiation.

Thus, problems that already existed in face-to-face sales became even more serious. And to overcome them, it is essential that the salesperson or manager look for an online sales course.

Advantages of Online Sales Course 

Vocational courses are in focus, as more and more companies are looking for people aligned with the new market trends, willing to keep themselves always updated and prepared to offer strategic visions to the business.

Distance learning is an excellent way to develop professionally and, at the same time, take advantage of the flexibility and facilities that only technology can provide.

In addition, the cost, the variety of choices, and the growing recognition of distance learning courses are great attractions.

dynamic teaching

The dynamics of going to the classroom at a certain time to obtain vocational education is already outdated. Today, it is possible to learn with dynamic videos, which condense the main points and, therefore, are more productive and take less time.

In addition, audiovisual content is better absorbed by students than books on sales, for example. Online sales courses tend to be more practical and attractive. It is much simpler to understand important concepts, such as prospecting, through videos.

Furthermore, courses for salespeople can be taken at the time that the student is most comfortable studying. What’s more, it can be seen as many times as the user finds it necessary.

Experienced professionals and top performers

One of the great advantages of taking an online sales course is being able to choose professionals who have been in the market for a long time, follow trends and have knowledge and didactics to pass on all their knowledge.

In classroom courses, it is very difficult to take classes with market references. This is because professionals have a very busy schedule with other activities.

With the course of the online sale, you can study every day with salespeople and managers you admire and know what works and what doesn’t in the market.

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sell more and better

By purchasing an online sales course, you will learn the techniques needed to sell more and better. This is because there will be an increase in the number of closings. But that’s not all, you’ll also learn to generate value and bypass objections, greatly reducing the need to accept customer discount requests, for example.

In addition, you will learn to better engage prospects, develop consultative selling, and provide a better customer experience throughout the negotiation process.

For all these reasons, the Institute of Specialization in Sales decided to expand its online presence, reformulating the schedule of its courses and facilitating the evolution of students. Instead of waiting for the crisis to pass, we prefer to take an active stance, towards development.

Now, it’s easier to get exclusive IEV training, given by the greatest sales specialists in Brazil. Our method is based on the science of sales, with classes designed in a strategic and exclusive way so that you can learn to sell more and better.

What is IEV?

IEV, Institute of Specialization in Sales, was founded in 2014 with the aim of transforming the world through sales. The IEV, through online sales courses, promotes the training of high-level professionals and sales performance.

With more than 10 thousand students graduated in the profession that moves the world, it is responsible for making dreams come true. The specializations created and developed at IEV have an exclusive methodology created by the greatest experts in sales in the country.

What are the main online sales courses? 

IEV has courses that can be purchased individually by salespeople, managers and entrepreneurs, as well as complete training for companies to teach the sales team to have high performance.

Business Development Program (PDC): online sales course for companies

The PDC is a program that trains the entire sales team for 12 months. In addition to the classes, the team will have access to mentoring, reports, research, monitoring and practical lessons. in addition, a customized strategy is created for your business, focused on overcoming your biggest challenges!