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Sales Management and Commercial Planning Course: invest in your career and work in high performance!

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If you are a team manager and are looking for ways to specialize, you must have already come across a Sales Management and Commercial Planning course, right?

The truth is that this training brings a little of everything that is essential and indispensable for leaders to be able to perform competently and safely.

If you are in doubt about the relevance of the course and the potential for using the content in your routine, continue reading this article. We will talk about the main topics covered and alternatives for managers seeking knowledge about sales management and commercial planning.

Why should you invest in training in sales management and business planning? 

Investing in a Sales Management and Commercial Planning training or course is a strategy with great potential for entrepreneurs and leaders looking for better performance in their areas of expertise.

However, this is not the only benefit of continuous learning. So, below, you know some advantages of seeking training and courses to improve technical and personal skills.

Better aligned internal processes

One of the first reflexes of investing in a Sales Management and Commercial Planning training or course is the creation of better aligned organizational processes. This means that, after training, the leader or salesperson has the ability to exercise a systemic view of their processes. In this way, it is possible to coordinate practices and action fronts with assertiveness and objectivity.

Want to see a practical example?

Suppose your company has a gap in prospecting for new customers. With a professional trained in a sales management and commercial planning course, he will be able to analyze the role of prospecting from the perspective of the whole.

Besides, you’ll be able to define how much effort should be directed to the stage and what are the ideal results to be expected from each part of the trajectory. In summary, we can say that the trained manager or leader is capable of evaluating and conducting business strategic planning with due coherence.

When a professional undergoes an education, training or course, they open their mind to insert innovative aspects into their routine. Therefore, this is the best environment for implementing a culture of innovation in companies.

And what does this mean in practice?

Culture of innovation is the name given to management that encourages experimentation and autonomy to create different solutions to everyday problems.

And a company is only able to invest in this type of management when the leadership:

  • knows the company’s processes like the back of his hand;
  • understands that there will always be opportunities to improve the company’s performance;
  • Recognizes its collaborators as potential solution creators.

The incentive to the team of collaborators 

With confidence in their processes, managers and leaders feel less burdened and more open to encouraging their team of employees. This incentive can happen through recognition programs, financial bonuses, benefits etc.

The important thing is to keep in mind that clarity about business planning and sales management allows the leader or manager to see the potential of their team and encourage them to better performance through motivation.

Don’t understand how motivation and productivity connect? So check this out: according to Parejo Brazil magazine, motivated consumers achieve up to 50% more productivity in their routines. 

Do you understand the impact and connection of all themes?

Security in decision making 

We cannot fail to point out that, by taking a course in sales management and commercial planning, managers and leaders acquire more confidence in performing their duties. Furthermore — and consequently — they are able to make decisions more clearly and assertively.

Here, it is worth mentioning how significant the influence of leadership on the performance of your team is. Thoughtful leaders capable of making safe and informed decisions positively influence their team, which tends to mirror this behavior in their sectors.

What to learn in the Sales Management and Business Planning Course? 

Now that you know the benefits of investing in training, let’s move on. From now on, we will talk about the main topics covered in the Sales Management and Commercial Planning course, which aims to prepare leaders and managers to make your company grow.

In general, the main topics covered in the training of a commercial manager are:

  • business strategy;
  • people management;
  • commercial structure;
  • leadership;
  • information and operations management;
  • innovation;
  • risk management;
  • logistics;
  • marketing;
  • sales techniques;
  • neuromarketing;
  • contract management;
  • after-sales;
  • negotiation;
  • Corporate governance.

In addition to these topics, some courses also include, in their schedule, aspects related to statistics, economics, finance, accounting, and other exact sciences related to the commercial sector.

Are there quick sales management courses? How to make it? What investment is needed? 

When searching for a “sales management and business planning course”, you will find, available, medium and long-term training, characterized as MBAs or postgraduate courses.

However, it is possible to find short courses (from 4h to 16h), which cover the themes covered extensively in the full training courses.

In this case, the investment value is lower (from R$1,400.00) and the content is condensed into topics considered essential.

Some of the institutions that offer short, medium, or long-term sales management and commercial planning course are FIA (Administration Institute Foundation), ESPM, FGV, Imbed, Sabra, etc.

Another option for those looking for fast, objective, and efficient training is to invest in modular courses. In this way, a leader can carry out segmented training, prioritizing the topic that is most needed at the time.

If this is your decision, count on IEV – Institute of Specialization in Sales, to help. Our course portfolio offers training aimed at all the essential skills of high-performance leaders and salespeople, from Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Advanced Trading.