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The 7 Steps to Becoming a Successful Salesperson

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Improving speech and increasing conversion rates are common goals for all salespeople, but not everyone is capable of achieving them. After all, what sets successful salespeople apart from the rest?

There are a number of attributes and behaviors in a sales process that can determine how successful a salesperson will be. Of course, preparing well is one of the important points, but it’s not the only one.

To learn how to be a successful salesperson, stay with us. We’ve prepared a list of tips that bring together the best sales skills and sales techniques that will lead to more customers.

7 tips for being a successful salesperson

– Have empathy

– Be honest

– Have persistence

– Master the business and the market

– Learn continuously

– Set goals

– Stay flexible


To offer the ideal solution to customers, it is necessary to listen carefully to what bothers these people, what their needs and desires are. For this, it is essential to have empathy.

Successful salespeople put themselves in their customers’ shoes and seek to understand what they need, without any kind of judgment.

Always try to understand:

– What the customer needs and what the solution is;

– What are the customer’s problems and wishes?

– How your solution will help the customer.

By identifying the answers to these questions and putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, you will be able to provide the best service and be recognized as a salesperson who truly cares about what the customer needs.

Be honest

Sincerity is critical to becoming a successful salesperson. Never try to manipulate customers. This can close down any possibility of building a trusting relationship with your customers.

Remember that complaints and negative reviews reverberate even more than nominations. In addition to missing an opportunity at that moment, you can hurt your sales potential in the future.

Having trouble increasing your conversion rates? Prioritize customers who can be helped with your solution. This way, you’ll focus on those who are closest to buying and you’ll avoid wasting time and effort.

If your solution is not the most suitable, be frank. This kind of attitude is fundamental to earning the respect of customers.

Have persistence

Hearing “no” is part of the routine of any salesperson or sales representative. What sets successful salespeople apart is their persistence.

Negative responses serve as a learning curve to understand how to get around possible objections. Reflect on why the customer said no and identify ways to build better rapport.

Keep a positive attitude in the face of difficulties and face these obstacles as a necessary challenge to achieve your goals.

Master the business and the market

Being well prepared is essential to sell more.

You need to know all the details of your business and your solution, just as it is important to research who your customers are, their needs and who your competitors are.

The information you need is increasingly available in digital media. Using a CRM can help you map all contacts and all interactions with your customers.

Social networks, especially LinkedIn, bring information about companies, job titles and what your potential customers like.

Anticipate your customers’ needs and dedicate yourself to understanding how to best serve them. Remember that they can also search for solutions and therefore tend to be more and more demanding.

Learn continuously

Do you want to remain a successful salesperson for a long time? Be humble and seek constant empowerment.

It is common that when making many sales and hitting goals, salespeople start to adopt an arrogant posture and assume a position where they have already learned everything they need.

This arrogance can be costly. In order not to become an outdated seller, always try to stay updated on new technologies and innovations.

The more information you absorb, the more prepared you will be to serve your customers and outperform your competitors.

Set goals

What is your goal as a salesperson? A precise answer to this question, of course, involves setting goals.

Successful salespeople know what they want and when to achieve each of their goals.

If you work for a company, your sales department probably already sets goals. But nothing stops you from setting your personal goals. For this, remember to use SMART methodology.

Each goal must be S (specific), M (measurable), A (attainable), R (relevant), and T (temporal).

Therefore, establish long-term goals, to guide your path, and define which goals must be achieved in the short term for you to reach the final objective.

Stay flexible

Even if your processes are well designed and bring good results, stay flexible to always improve them.

You must be able to adapt your sales pitch to changing circumstances.

With increasingly competitive markets, offering more personalized sales becomes a must. Therefore, be prepared to adapt to each client’s needs.

Flexibility will be a key to enabling your growth and keeping your sales potential always high.

How to Become a Successful Salesperson

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