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Transform your Mindset to sell more!

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The sales mindset that can guarantee your success when negotiating, prospecting, and closing.

The concept of Mindset, which can be translated as “mental model”, emerged from social psychology and refers to an attitude of mental programming that affects our actions, the way we communicate, and relate. Adopting the correct mindset makes our thoughts vibrate in positive energetic frequencies, making us more amenable to specific changes and transformations.

When it comes to sales, adopting a different mindset and attitude may be what you need to become a successful salesperson.

How the mind works

Your brain is always working to save energy. That’s why, for example, you do several activities of your daily life on automatic and end up not even remembering. How many times have you taken the car back home and don’t even remember the route you took?

This is your mind acting so you don’t waste energy. To give you an idea, your brain consumes the same amount of energy in a day as a 30-minute run. Thinking tires.

What is the sales mindset?

If you have a negative attitude and are very prone to giving up on challenges, it is very difficult to put up with the salesperson routine and even more complicated to win the title of performance salesperson.

When you have a growth mentality, which approves of feedback, likes to hear how people act in order to replicate,and when you make a mistake, you don’t give up, it’s much easier to grow in your career, including in sales.

It is very important that you identify what your posture is, whether it is fixed on problems or focused on learning and developing. Even if you are still stuck with challenges, know that it is possible to reprogram your attitudes. However, it is essential that you change some habits in your daily life.

For this, it is necessary to have persistence. It is only with it that it is possible to achieve excellence. Changing the way you think and act for years takes a lot of effort. So, instead of complaining about the way the client treats you or even the scolding you get from your boss, thinking that he takes a lot out of you, use these situations to achieve professional improvement.

Ask yourself the following questions:

How can I improve and surpass myself?

Where did I fail and can I do it differently?

I missed a point, how can I align?

What is the best sales mindset?

The answer is simple: it depends!

Are you embarrassed to visit a customer? Do you believe it’s bothering you to make a call to introduce a product? If the answers are yes, you are already starting your approach the wrong way. Imagine that a researcher has discovered a medicine to cure a disease, wouldn’t he want to offer it as soon as possible to anyone suffering from this problem? Try to think that by contacting a customer you are offering a solution to a pain they have, a problem that your product or service can solve, and this help is always welcome.

Instead of trying to sell a product at any cost to get the best results, focus your mindset on the customer, a good salesperson is also a kind of consultant, an influencer who, with his knowledge, will show the advantages of what he is selling without appealing to shady strategies.

Sales Mindset: Believe in Yourself

Being convinced of your skill as a salesperson is essential. No one will believe in your potential if you don’t believe in first, this confidence in your work, this thought, will help you through the typical adversities and rejections of the profession. Protect your mind from the negative thoughts of others, as they are useless against the good concept you have of yourself.

When you start a negotiation, keep in mind that you will be able to finish the way you want. By believing in what you sell and that the product or service has value, it’s much easier to deal with the customer.

You are the part that unites the customer’s needs with a solution.

Focus on what you can control

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about things you can’t control? Know that this is not a proper sales mindset. To be a performance salesperson, you need to be focused only on what you have the power to transform.

So, spending the day thinking about the crisis, the behavior of a certain customer, the goals, the inventory, and the variation in the value of the product, will not allow you to progress. The only thing you should focus on transforming is your behavior.

Don’t be regretting lost business, look for new ones and only think about the failures if you don’t want to repeat it, don’t dwell on them. So emotional control is what differentiates the midst of a successful sale from a mediocre salesperson.

My successful past as a salesperson

Use your past achievements to inspire you, remember the tough sales you made, and build motivation from them. Create a motivational phrase of your own, something that has to do with your life experience and serves as a kind of mantra to direct your ideas when they are dispersed.

Changing your mental model is not a miraculous practice that will change your life overnight. But it’s another perspective that focuses on what you can actually change: your attitude and your effort.

It is a daily metallization exercise and, little by little, it can reflect on your actions and achievements. This is a cycle because as this new ideal is put into practice, it works and becomes teaching to be reinforced in your sales mindset.