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What You Need to Know to Be a Sales Representative

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What does a sales representative do? While many people believe that this role is equivalent to that of a salesperson, this is not quite the case.

Sales representatives act as intermediaries in selling products or services from a particular manufacturer or wholesaler, but they need to have other skills.

These professionals are also important for the brand’s positioning in the market. Stay with us to find out how it’s done and learn everything it takes to be a sales representative!

What does a sales representative do?

The profession of the commercial representative is regulated by Law nº 4.886, of 1965. According to her, this professional:

“The independent commercial representation is exercised by a legal entity or individual, without an employment relationship, who performs, on a non-contingent basis on behalf of one or more persons, the mediation for the conduct of commercial business, brokering proposals or requests, to, transmit them to the represented, practicing or not acts related to the execution of the business”.

In other words, the commercial representative acts as an intermediary between the company and its customers, with the objective of making sales.

The difference between a salesperson and a representative is in the relationship with the company. While the seller is an employee, the sales representative works as a self-employed professional or has his own company.

Furthermore, the role of the sales representative is not restricted to selling products. He also prepares marketing plans, sales strategies and plans his actions, and his remuneration is linked to his production capacity.

For companies, keeping a team of salespeople generates more labor costs, but allows greater control over the performance of these professionals.

When it chooses to work with sales representatives, the company does not have the same expenses, however, on the other hand, it has less control over the operation.

How to be a sales representative

A commercial representative who works autonomously maintains a relationship with a company through a contract for the provision of representation services.

The contract must determine the rights and duties of both the representative and the company, the products that will be marketed and whether the representative will be exclusive to the brand or not.

If the sales representative wants to have exclusive sales in a region, this agreement must also be included in the contract, as well as possible commissions and allowances.

In the relationship with a company, this professional must not work fixed hours, nor be subordinate to a manager, as this configures, according to labor legislation, the function of the salesperson.

In order to be a commercial representative, Law No. 4,886 determines the mandatory registration in a Regional Council, in addition to the payment of taxes. This professional must also register with the INSS to obtain the social security rights of self-employed workers.

Skills of a Sales Representative

The routine of a sales representative, regardless of whether he works exclusively for a company or for several brands, demands a series of skills.

Among the necessary characteristics, this professional should be able to:

– Prospect customers: attract new customers and, thus, reduce dependence on your current portfolio;

– Manage the customer base: maintain frequent contact with customers and identify the best means of communication;

– Provide good service: offering a good shopping experience and creating a good relationship with customers is essential to generate loyalty;

– Develop personalized proposals: evaluate customer demand and offer the best proposals according to their reality;

– Negotiate: it is necessary to consider requests and concessions, with price and deadline determination;

– Master sales techniques: identify opportunities and use strategies such as up-sellcross-sell, or sales by recommendation.

Tips for being a good sales representative

A sales representative’s productivity is what determines his remuneration. Thus, it is necessary to constantly develop to be able to prospect customers and also to serve current customers in the best way.

Some actions can help in the development of the sales representative:

1 – Know the product or service

Hardly anyone would be able to make a connection with a customer if they are not able to demonstrate how the product or service solves their needs.

Therefore, the sales representative must assume the responsibility of knowing in detail the product that will be marketed.

It is important to master all product benefits and be able to answer all customer queries.

2 – Know the company you represent

Even if he does not work within the company, the sales representative must know its history, policies, values ​​, and procedures.

Only in this way will it be possible to achieve a level of alignment that generates the company’s reliability and allows it to be efficient in marketing its products.

After all, knowing the company well is essential to convey credibility to the customer.

3 – Know the customer

This tip is valid for any company, in any sector. Knowing the customer well, understanding their needs and desires is essential to deliver a good offer.

Therefore, the sales representative must gather as much information as possible from the customer, understand their consumption behavior and what their favorite products are.

4 – Know who the competitors are

The sales representative must know well the market in which he operates and who his competitors are.

It is important to know what solutions they offer, in order to create a sales pitch with arguments capable of convincing the customer that your product is ideal for their needs.

So remember to identify your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

5 – Maintain organization and set goals

Commercial representatives do not work hours in companies such as sellers. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a good organization to perform all tasks.

It is also important to establish your own goals to guide all the work, such as:

– Number of contacts to be made;

– Average ticket;

– Sale time;

– Total revenue generated;

– Cost of acquiring customers;

– Cancellation fees.

6 – Pay special attention to after-sales

Remember that the relationship with the customer doesn’t end when the sale is completed. It’s important to be able to nurture a lasting relationship.

Make frequent contacts with your customers to understand their needs and show your willingness to serve them in the best way.

How to be a successful sales representative

The tips presented here help sales representatives to develop and achieve more sales. If you want to be a successful rep, it is important to know the techniques of the best professionals in the country.

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